Are there different types of Automatic Drop Down Seals?

Automatic Drop Down Seals come in two main forms, each serving specific purposes:

  1. Surface-Mounted Seals (Face-Fix Drop Down Seals):
    • These seals are commonly used for retrofitting existing doors.
    • Installation: They are quick and easy to install without removing the door from its hinges.
    • Function: When the door is closed, the seal drops down to cover the gap underneath the door.
    • Adjustability: Most surface-mounted drop seals can be cut to size, making them adaptable to various door widths.
  2. Rebated Seals (Recessed Drop-Down Seals):
    • These seals are designed to be more discreet.
    • Installation: They are installed within a rebate or groove in the bottom of the door, hiding them from view.
    • Durability: Rebated seals often have longer lifespans because they are less prone to damage from knocks and impacts.
    • Cost and Complexity: While they are generally cheaper as a unit, installation requires higher labor costs due to their more intricate setup.
    • Suitability: Available in different lengths, they are suitable for most doors.

In summary, both types of drop-down seals contribute to soundproofing, energy efficiency, and fire safety. The choice between surface-mounted and rebated seals depends on factors such as ease of installation and desired aesthetics.