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D.W TAIWAN insists on providing the best quality and best service, manufacture and development of quality series to our customers.

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We are stability acquiring new technologies and facilities to develop new product series, couple with our strong networking.

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Continuity to serve the existing market and more actively, tapping the nice market alienated by other competitor in the world-wide market.

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For Wooden Door

Concealed Auto Sliding Door Closer

 ( DW-0025 )

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What you need is a smarter choice.

An electronic digital lockset refers to a lockset that utilizes electronic components and digital technology for locking and unlocking doors. These locksets typically replace traditional mechanical key-based locks with electronic keypads, touchscreens, or other digital input methods. Features of Electronic…

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The advantage of interchangeable core.

The advantage of using an ​interchangeable core lock system can be significant in terms of convenience, ​security, and cost-effectiveness. Here are some advantages of ​interchangeable core locks: It’s important to consider that the advantages mentioned may vary depending on the specific…

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Importance of door controls.

Door controls play a crucial role in various settings, including commercial buildings, public spaces, and residential properties. Here are some reasons why door controls are important: Security: Door controls help enhance security by ensuring that doors close and latch properly.…

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