What could our company provide?

D.W International Building Hardware Supply Co., Ltd. (D.W Taiwan) is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of premium door control hardware in Taiwan.
Here are some highlights:

  1. I.C Core Euro Profile Cylinder:
    • D.W Taiwan offers interchangeable core (I.C) euro profile cylinders. These cylinders allow for easy replacement of the core without changing the entire lock.
    • They also provide CAM action door closers, ensuring smooth and controlled door closing.
  2. Automatic Drop Down Seals:
    • D.W Taiwan’s anti-finger pinching door system includes innovative drop-down seals. These seals enhance energy efficiency and protect against drafts.
  3. Electronic Locksets:
    • Explore their range of electronic smart rim locks and proximity deadbolt locks for advanced security.
    • They also offer touchpad lever locks and other cutting-edge solutions.
  4. Global Service and Quality Focus:
    • D.W Taiwan prioritizes high-quality products and excellent service.
    • Their commitment extends to both existing markets and new opportunities worldwide.

For more details, you can visit their website: D.W Taiwan