D.W Taiwan Hardware

Door hardware encompasses a wide range of components designed to enhance the functionality, security, and aesthetics of doors. Here are some key aspects:

  1. Residential Door Hardware:
    • Locksets: These include knobs, levers, and deadbolts for securing doors.
    • Hinges: Essential for smooth door movement.
    • Handlesets: Combine a handle and deadbolt for entry doors.
    • Door Closers: Control the speed at which doors close.
    • Weather Stripping: Seals gaps to improve energy efficiency.
    • Door Stops: Prevent doors from swinging too far.
    • Peepholes: Optimize security by allowing visual identification.
  2. Commercial Door Hardware:
    • Exit Devices (Panic Bars): Enable quick exit during emergencies.
    • Electric Strikes: Work with access control systems.
    • Automatic Door Systems: Include sliding doors and hydraulic hinges.
    • Weatherproofing: Protects against external elements.
    • Commercial Locks: High-security options for businesses.
  3. Glass Door Hardware:
    • Frameless Glass Hardware: Used in modern architectural designs.
    • Glass Door Locks: Secure glass doors.
    • Sliding Door Systems: Smooth operation for glass panels.
    • Hydraulic Hinges: Provide controlled closing.
    • Glass Fittings: Enhance aesthetics and functionality.

Notable manufacturers include D.W Taiwan in Taiwan, offering a diverse range of glass hardware, and D.W Taiwan., specializing in door and window hardware. If you need specific recommendations or more details, feel free to ask!