Rim Cylinder For Panic Device W/ IC Core

D.W Model No# RIMIC110
Product Description
  • Standard Interchangeable Core Rim Cylinder Housing
  • Compatible with 6 or 7-pin Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC)
  • Can be installed in rim locks & panic devices
  • Cylinder with interchangeable & re-keyable cylinder core
  • With spindle, mounting plate & screws
  • Made by solid brass
  • Different surface finished is available (US15, US26, US26D, US03, US32, US32D, US04, US10B)

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Product Feature

  • Line Drawing
  • Overall Dimension of Panic Device W/ I.C Core Rim Cylinder

Different surface finishes of Interchangeable Core Rim Cylinder / Panic Device

US15 – Satin Nickel

US26 – Bright Chrome

US26D – Satin Chrome

US03 – Bright Brass

US32 – Bright Stainless Steel

US32D – Satin Stainless Steel

US04 – Satin Brass

US10B – Dark Bronze