Euro Profile Oval Double Cylinder W/ I.C Core

D.W Model No# ODEP16
Product Description
  • Available For Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC)
  • Conversion Cylinder for use with most oval profile cylinder locks
  • UK oval door cylinders are used with British type lock cases
  • Keyed on both sides
  • Type: Keyed on one side, another side with knob, double sides keyed, half type are available
  • Knob shape: flat square shape, diamond and big diamond shape, round shape
  • Made by solid brass
  • Cylinder core with 6-pin or 7-pin available
  • Cylinder with 7-pin removable core, the length is 86mm

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Product Feature

  • Line Drawing
    Overall Dimension of Oval Double Cylinder W/ SFIC Removable Core

Different surface finishes of Oval Double Cylinder W/ SFIC Removable Core

US15 – Satin Nickel

US26 – Bright Chrome

US26D – Satin Chrome

US03 – Bright Brass

US32 – Bright Stainless Steel

US32D – Satin Stainless Steel

US04 – Satin Brass

US10B – Dark Bronze