The Benefit Of The Electronic Lock Set?

Electronic lock sets are locks that use electric current or digital signals to operate.
They have many benefits over mechanical locks, such as:

•They offer more security and convenience, as they can be opened with various methods such as fingerprints, PIN codes, keycards, or smartphones.

•They prevent unauthorized key duplication, as the keys are encrypted or biometric.

•They allow for easy and flexible access control, as the access rights can be changed, updated, or revoked remotely or automatically.

•They reduce the cost and hassle of replacing locks or keys, as the lost or stolen keys can be deactivated or deleted from the system.

However, electronic lock sets also have some disadvantages, such as:

•They require a power source, such as batteries or wiring, which can run out or malfunction.

•They can be vulnerable to hacking, jamming, or spoofing, if the digital signals are not encrypted or protected.

•They can be more expensive and complex to install and maintain, especially for large or old buildings.