The trend in door leaf design is to have a finger-resistant design

Door doors play an important role in interior decoration, not only affecting the overall aesthetics but also meeting the functional needs of different areas.

Here are some tips for choosing a good door leaf:

✅Gate, Exterior Entrance Door:

As the first door to enter the residence, it is usually a stainless steel door, also known as a security door. Inner entrance door: As a second door, it needs to have basic sound insulation and waterproof features.

✅Room Door、Wood fiber door: sturdy and durable, not easy to deform, made of hard solid wood fiber three-dimensional molding.

✅Supumen: Adopt machine high-pressure forming sandwich technology, which has the characteristics of moisture resistance and no deformation.

✅International Door: Made of Boeing panel material, the surface is hard and scratch-resistant, paint-free, and easy to maintain.

✅Bathroom Door: Plastic steel door: waterproof, easy to clean, suitable for wet and fireproof spaces.

✅Kitchen Door: Three-in-one ventilation door: the door leaf, screen window, and anti-theft decorative strip are integrated, the inner fan is equipped with glass, and the outer layer is equipped with aluminum.

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