Why do we recommend choosing an Anti-Finger Pinching Door System?

The Anti-Finger Pinching Door System is a safety feature designed to prevent finger injuries and accidents related to doors.

Here are some reasons why you might consider choosing this system:

  1. Safety: The primary purpose of the Anti-Finger Pinching Door System is to enhance safety.
    It replaces the parts of doors where fingers can get caught with rubber profiles that deform when a hand is trapped.
    This deformation helps avoid pressure on the trapped fingers, preventing injuries and accidents with potentially severe consequences.
  2. Child-Friendly Environments: In places like schools, kindergartens, nurseries, and daycare centers, where large numbers of children enter and exit,
    the Anti-Finger Pinching Door System is especially valuable. It meets European safety standards and provides an additional layer of protection for little ones.
  3. Innovative Design: Some Anti-Finger Pinching Door Systems, such as the Red Dot Design Award-winning Anti-Pinch Door Handle, integrate seamlessly with the door.
    When the door is open, the handle swivels horizontally to function as a door clamp, ensuring a gap between the door and the frame to prevent finger injuries.
  4. Variety of Options: Different manufacturers offer various anti-pinch solutions.
    For example, dormakaba’s BEYOND swing door system places the pivot point centrally in the glass axis, reducing the risk of trapped fingers often found on the hinge side of glass swing doors.
  5. Ease of Installation: Some systems, like Fingersafe, can be easily installed on the hinge-end of doors.
    If any fingers enter the area while the door is closing, the device gently expels them from danger, increasing safety at your facility.

Remember that choosing the Anti-Finger Pinching Door System contributes to a safer environment for everyone, especially in high-traffic areas or places frequented by children.