What is anti-pinch finger leaf system?

An anti-pinch finger leaf system is a safety feature that is commonly used in doors or gates to prevent fingers from being caught or pinched between the door or gate leaf and its frame. This system is particularly important in areas where there is a risk of finger injuries, such as in schools, hospitals, childcare centers, or public areas.

The anti-pinch finger leaf system works by using a special design of the door or gate leaf that prevents it from closing all the way if there is an object, such as a finger, in the way. The system usually employs an interlocking mechanism that ensures the door or gate will not close if there is an obstruction.

There are different types of anti-pinch finger leaf systems available on the market, including those that use a specially designed door hinge, those that use a rubber or foam seal on the door or gate leaf, or those that use a retractable guard that extends and retracts as the door or gate opens and closes.

The installation of an anti-pinch finger leaf system may require a professional installer or it can be a DIY project for those with experience in construction or carpentry. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and to ensure that the system is installed correctly for maximum effectiveness.

Overall, an anti-pinch finger leaf system is an important safety feature that can prevent serious finger injuries and provide peace of mind for those using doors or gates in high-risk areas.