Door Closers Series Introduce

A door closer is a mechanical device that is used to automatically close a door after it has been opened.It is typically installed on commercial or public buildings to ensure that doors are always closed properly and securely,and to prevent drafts, noise, and unauthorized access.

A door closer consists of a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder that is mounted on the door frame and a arm that is attached to the door.

When the door is opened, the cylinder is compressed, and when it is released, the arm swings the door shut.Door closers may be adjusted to control the speed and force of the closing action, and to ensure that the door closes fully and latches properly.

There are several types of door closers available, including surface-mounted, concealed, and floor-spring closers.Surface-mounted closers are the most common type and are typically installed on the face of the door or the frame.Concealed closers are installed inside the door or frame and are not visible from the outside.Floor-spring closers are installed in the floor beneath the door and are often used in glass doors or other applications where a concealed closer is desired.

Overall, door closers are an important component of building security and safety, and are designed to ensure that doors are always closed properly and securely.